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Rwanda, often referred to as the “Land of a Thousand Hills,” is a captivating East African gem that beckons with its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and incredible biodiversity. This compact yet diverse country is a haven for travellers seeking unique and meaningful experiences. At Africa Travel Tours, we are your guides to the best of Rwanda Destinations.

Kigali: A City Reborn : Begin your journey in the capital city of Kigali, a place of remarkable resilience and renewal. After the nation’s tragic history, Kigali has emerged as a dynamic, modern city with a vibrant arts and culinary scene. Explore the Kigali Genocide Memorial and learn about Rwanda’s path to healing and unity.

Volcanoes National Park: The Realm of Gorillas: Venture to Volcanoes National Park, an awe-inspiring realm of volcanic peaks and dense rainforests. It is here that you can embark on a once-in-a-lifetime gorilla trek, coming face to face with the gentle giants of the mountains. The park’s lush landscapes and rare golden monkeys offer even more wonders for nature enthusiasts.

Nyungwe National Park: A Pristine Wilderness: Nyungwe Forest is an untouched wilderness, home to diverse primates and an abundance of bird species. Traverse its misty trails and suspension bridges as you encounter chimpanzees, colobus monkeys, and a rich tapestry of flora and fauna. Don’t miss the mystical canopy walk, suspended high above the forest floor.

Lake Kivu: Serene Waters and Scenic Beauty: Relax on the tranquil shores of Lake Kivu, one of Africa’s Great Lakes. This freshwater oasis offers opportunities for boating, swimming, and exploration. Its scenic coastline is dotted with charming towns, providing a glimpse into Rwandan lakeside culture.

Akagera National Park: The Big Five in the East: Akagera National Park is your gateway to experiencing the classic African safari. Here, you’ll find the Big Five—lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros—roaming in a landscape of savannah, wetlands, and lakes. Akagera is a conservation success story, with reintroduced species thriving in their natural habitat.

Gishwati Mukura National Park: Pristine Rainforests: This newly established national park is a haven for lovers of untouched rainforests. Gishwati Mukura is a sanctuary for various species, including chimpanzees and golden monkeys. Its rugged terrain and lush greenery provide an intimate encounter with nature.

Africa Travel Tours is your trusted partner in creating tailor-made Rwanda adventures. With expert guides and personalized itineraries, we ensure your Rwanda Safari is seamless and unforgettable. We invite you to explore these captivating Rwanda Destinations with us, offering you immersive journeys that connect you with the heart and soul of Rwanda. Your adventure begins here.

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Attractions Of Rwanda

Akagera National Park, situated in the eastern part of Rwanda, is a wildlife lover’s paradise.

Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, is a dynamic, active commercial centre of the country

Rwanda’s western side is bounded by Lake Kivu, one of a string of huge freshwater lakes

Volcanoes National Park is a place of otherworldly beauty and a sanctuary for some of the world’s most enchanting creatures.

Nyungwe National Park is a gem of biodiversity and a haven for nature enthusiasts

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