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Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park is a place of otherworldly beauty and a sanctuary for some of the world’s most enchanting creatures. Located in the heart of Rwanda, is a destination that captivates the soul. As you plan on your journey with Africa Travel Tours, you’ll discover the park’s many highlights that make it a truly exceptional place.

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Here are the highlights that make a visit to Volcanoes National Park an unforgettable experience:

Mountain Gorilla Trekking: The park is home to over half of the world’s mountain gorilla population. A trek through the lush forests of Volcanoes National Park offers the unique opportunity to come face to face with these magnificent creatures. Guided by expert rangers, you’ll witness their behaviour in their natural habitat, a deeply moving and humbling experience.

Diverse Ecosystems: Volcanoes National Park boasts a diverse range of habitats, from bamboo forests to swamplands and high-altitude meadows. The park’s varying landscapes provide a stunning backdrop to your adventures, and you’ll encounter a wide array of flora and fauna along the way.

Golden Monkey Encounters: In addition to gorillas, the park is also home to the charismatic golden monkeys. Observing these playful and rare primates in their natural surroundings is a delightful experience for wildlife enthusiasts.

Birdwatcher’s Paradise: Birdwatchers will be in their element, as the park is home to over 200 avian species. The vibrant plumage and melodious songs of these birds make for a captivating experience.

Dian Fossey’s Legacy: For those interested in history and conservation, a trek to Dian Fossey’s tomb is a must. This renowned primatologist’s work and dedication to gorilla conservation are celebrated through this meaningful journey.

Spectacular Scenery: The park’s volcanic terrain includes towering peaks like Mount Karisimbi and Mount Bisoke. Whether you’re hiking through dense forests or exploring open meadows, you’ll be surrounded by the natural beauty and grandeur of the Virunga Massif.

Conservation Success: Volcanoes National Park is a testament to successful conservation efforts. The park’s role in the protection of mountain gorillas has led to a steady increase in their population. By visiting the park with us, you contribute to these ongoing conservation initiatives.

Africa Travel Tours is your trusted partner for a seamless and memorable Volcanoes National Park Tour. A journey to Volcanoes National Park is a soul-stirring encounter with nature and an opportunity to connect with remarkable wildlife. Our Volcanoes National Park Trip promises to be an extraordinary and eco-conscious adventure.

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