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A landlocked country in southern Africa, Zambia is emerging as a premier travel destination for its stunning, unspoiled landscapes and friendly atmosphere. Some of the best places to visit in Zambia include the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, as well as an array of national parks, landmarks and attractions. From beautiful Kafue National Park to historic sites like Shiwa Ngandu, Zambia offers a diverse range of travel opportunities to complete a vacation in Africa.

Victoria Falls: Begin your journey at the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, one of the world’s Seven Natural Wonders. Experience the thundering waters of this iconic waterfall and embark on thrilling activities like helicopter rides or sunset cruises.

South Luangwa National Park: For wildlife enthusiasts, South Luangwa National Park is a must-visit. This pristine wilderness teems with an abundance of wildlife, offering exceptional game drives and walking safaris guided by experts.

Lower Zambezi National Park: Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Lower Zambezi National Park. Canoe along the Zambezi River, witness breathtaking sunsets and encounter hippos, elephants, and crocodiles.

Kafue National Park: Explore the vast expanses of Kafue National Park, one of Africa’s largest parks, where you can spot a variety of wildlife, including big cats and unique birdlife.

Shiwa Ngandu: Discover Zambia’s history at Shiwa Ngandu, a historic estate with colonial heritage and stunning landscapes.

Cultural Experiences: Engage with local communities to learn about Zambia’s rich traditions and crafts, fostering meaningful connections during your journey.

At Africa Travel Tours, we are dedicated to crafting unforgettable journeys through Zambia. With our expert guides, tailor-made itineraries, and commitment to responsible tourism, we ensure that your adventure in Zambia is filled with wonder, excitement, and meaningful connections. Plan your dream Zambia Trip to this extraordinary African destination with us.

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Attractions Of Zambia

Kafue National Park is Zambia’s largest and oldest national park, covering over 22,000 square kilometres

Livingstone, named after the famous Scottish explorer David Livingstone

Lower Zambezi National Park is a gem of Southern Africa, situated on the northern bank of the Zambezi River

Lusaka, the largest city in Zambia, serves as the nation’s economic, political, and cultural hub. 

Liuwa National Park is a pristine haven situated in the remote western reaches of Zambia.

North Luangwa National Park is a remote and pristine wildlife sanctuary situated in the northern region 

Mana Pools National Park, located in northern Zimbabwe, is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.

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