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Chobe Day Trip

Find an unforgettable Chobe Day Trip, a thrilling safari experience that transports you from Victoria Falls to the renowned Chobe National Park in neighbouring Botswana. This single-day adventure promises awe-inspiring wildlife encounters and a deeper connection with the untamed African wilderness.

Price : $170.00

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Chobe Day Trip Highlights:

Chobe Day Trips are very popular amongst travellers and visitors. Chobe National Park is one of the most pristine settings in Botswana. The park overlooks the Chobe River and offers spectacular views over the floodplains.

  • Cross-Border Expedition: Your Chobe Day Trip From Victoria Falls begins with a seamless transfer from Victoria Falls to the Chobe Riverfront in Botswana. This cross-border adventure adds an extra layer of excitement as you explore two countries in a single day.
  • Wildlife Extravaganza: Chobe National Park is celebrated for its exceptional wildlife populations, including the Big Five – lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, and rhinos. In addition to these majestic creatures, the park teems with hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, zebras, and a dazzling array of bird species. Our safari adventure promises extraordinary wildlife encounters from start to finish.
  • Expertly Guided: Knowledgeable guides lead you on game drives through Chobe’s diverse landscapes, which encompass riverfront floodplains and dense woodlands. Their expertise ensures you don’t miss any of the mesmerizing wildlife moments and allows for an immersive understanding of the park’s ecology.
  • River Safari: Glide along the Chobe River on a boat safari, offering a unique perspective to witness animals quenching their thirst, basking in the sun, and crossing the river. The boat safari presents unparalleled opportunities for close encounters with elephants, hippos, and a vibrant avian population.
  • Lunch in the Mowana Lodge: Enjoy a delectable lunch served in Mowana lodge, the heart of Chobe National Park, providing a truly immersive safari experience amidst the untamed beauty of Africa.
  • Capture the Magic: The Chobe Day Trip offers countless photographic moments. Your guide will help you frame the perfect shots, ensuring you leave with remarkable images to commemorate your safari adventure.

Why Choose Africa Travel Tours:

Africa Travel Tours is your trusted partner for a seamless and unforgettable Chobe National Park Safari Day Trip. From booking and safety measures to transportation and expert guidance, we handle every aspect of your safari adventure. Our passionate guides are committed to making your visit to Chobe National Park a thrilling and meaningful experience.

For those seeking a safari adventure that encapsulates the essence of Africa’s wildlife and landscapes, the Chobe Full Day Trip is a must-do. Book your day trip today and prepare for a safari adventure that will leave you with lasting memories of Botswana’s magnificent wilderness.


  • Chobe day trip is available through out the year.
  • Duration is 9 and half hours.
  • The activity pick up time is between 07:00 to 07:30.

To Note*

  • The price excludes park fees of $20 per person.
  • Passport will be required, VISA may be required ( on guest’s own account).
  • Minimum age is 0.
  • No level of fitness needed.
  • Child police is available upon request.
  • Bring sun glasses, insect repellent and of course cameras.
  • Wear warm clothes in winter ( which is April to August).
  • Bring sun glasses, insect repellent and of course cameras.
  • Wear warm clothes in winter ( which is Appril to August).


  • Return transfer
  • Meals



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