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Hwange Day Trip

Hwange Day Trip is an extraordinary safari adventure that transports you to the renowned Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. This day-long journey promises a thrilling encounter with the incredible wildlife and breathtaking landscapes that define this iconic African destination.

Price : $270.00

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Hwange Day Trip Highlights

Hwange National Park is one of the largest parks in Africa. On arrival in the park, you will be transferred to an open game viewing vehicle for an amazing African Safari and picnic.

  • Convenient Departure: Your Hwange Day Trip commences with a comfortable transfer from Victoria Falls to Hwange National Park, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free travel experience.
  • Wildlife Wonderland: Hwange National Park is celebrated for its abundant wildlife, including the Big Five – lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, and rhinos. Your safari adventure offers unparalleled opportunities to observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat, alongside a diverse array of other species.
  • Expertly Guided: Experienced guides lead you on game drives through Hwange’s varied landscapes, from arid plains to teak forests and watering holes. Their expertise guarantees an immersive and educational safari experience, enhancing your understanding of the park’s ecology.
  • Birdwatcher’s Paradise: Hwange is a haven for bird enthusiasts, boasting over 400 bird species. Keep your binoculars handy to spot vibrant feathered inhabitants, from raptors soaring in the sky to colourful songbirds perched in the trees.
  • Nature Walks: For an even closer connection with the wilderness, partake in guided nature walks within the park. These walks provide an opportunity to explore the flora and fauna up close while learning about the intricacies of the bush.
  • Lunch in the Wild: Savor a delicious lunch served amidst the untamed beauty of Hwange National Park, creating a memorable and immersive safari experience.

Why Choose Africa Travel Tours

Africa Travel Tours is your trusted partner for a seamless and remarkable Hwange National Park Day Trip. From booking and safety measures to transportation and expert guidance, we handle every aspect of your safari adventure. Our passionate guides are committed to making your visit to Hwange National Park an exciting and meaningful experience.

For those seeking a safari adventure that captures the essence of Africa’s wildlife and landscapes, the Hwange National Park Day Trip & Safari is an ideal choice. Book your Hwange Day Trip from Victoria Falls today and prepare to be enchanted by the wonders of Hwange National Park, leaving with cherished memories of Zimbabwe’s remarkable wilderness.


  • Hwange day trip is available through out the year.
  • Duration is 12 hours.
  • The activity pick up time is between 06:00 return 18:00.

To Note*

  • The price excludes park fees of $15 per person.
  • Minimum age is 4 years.
  • No level of fitness needed.
  • Child police is available upon request.
  • Bring sun glasses, insect repellent and of course cameras.
  • Wear warm clothes in winter ( which is April to August).


  • Return transfer
  • Meals



From the national parks to the majestic bodies of water, adrenaline junkies will be brimming from ear to ear at the plethora of outdoor adventure activities that lie in store. Zimbabwe Activities offers an abundance of experiences to satisfy every traveler’s desires.

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